Cardio Workout/ CMC Prep

CMC Brooklyn is quickly approaching, so I have upped my HIIT sessions over the past couple weeks to prepare.  I’ve also thrown in a lot of grip work and pull-ups/chin-ups – we’ll see how I fare on the monkey bars and inverted walls this year!

I’m hoping for more of this:


and less of this (ha):


Yesterday’s intervals combined different types of work in one ~25 minute cardio workout – my goal was to get my body used to doing longer sprints (i.e., 2-1 work:rest ration intervals) and shorter sprints (i.e., 1-2 work:rest intervals with all-out effort) in the same workout, and I combined these different “sprints” with 2 longer 5 min moderately-hard-effort intervals.  By changing things up this way, you can push your heart rate into different zones and tax different systems.  If it makes sense given your level of health and within your fitness goals, aim to get your heart rate above 160 for the 1 min sprints and above 170 for the shorter efforts.

  • Start with a one minute treadmill warm-up.  Then do 3 rounds of a 1 min hill “sprint” (I used a 10.0 incline and 8.0-8.7mph), with 30 seconds recovery at 3.5mph and your same incline.
  • Then move to 2x250m all-out sprints on the rowing machine.  Try as I might, I just can’t get my 250 under 50 seconds on the Concept rower.  One of these days. . .
  • Then do 5 min on the revolving stairs – I like to switch between calorie burner or fat burner modes and do 30 sec regular steps, 30 sec skip a step at a level that is challenging (I started at 12 and finished with 14).
  • Then head back to the treadmill and kick up the intensity for 3 rounds of 30 sec work (to give you an idea of the jump in effort, I used a 12.5 incline and 9.7-10mph), with 1 min recovery at 3mph and the same incline.
  • Back to 2x250m all-out sprints on the rower. Aim to keep each split within 1-2 seconds of your best time.
  • Finish with 5 more minutes on the stairs.

Quick but efficient.  I went back later to do a steady state 3 mile run.  Fingers crossed for a good showing next weekend. 🙂

Tomorrow I’ll do my first real 5 minute test run of the PIT [5 75lb ground-to-overheads, 7 over-the-box-burpees, and 9 16kg KB swings) – aiming for close to 100 reps, but I’ll be happy with anything over 75 reps after a summer plagued with a shoulder injury and not enough time for rest/recovery.   Stay tuned for a progress update.

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