What I Read This Week

(1) For the runners out there, Runner’s World put out a great piece explaining the difference between the fartlek and the tempo run.  I incorporate both into each week’s workouts during the Spring — as well as one long-ish run, not for time — to improve my speed and endurance.  The fartlek will get you fast, the slow run will build endurance, and the tempo run will help you combine the two elements.

(2) I’ve seen this before, but I was re-reading T-Nation’s list of the 10 best unilateral moves.  I try to do mainly compound movements with a few unilateral, targeted move each lift, and these variations provide some nice alternatives to my go-to moves (which, of course, my body now knows all to well, making them far less challenging.)  These exercises from Muscle and Fitness are other great options.

(3) 2014 is the year of sticking to working my 3 usually-ignored body parts: abs, chest, and calves.  To that end, I’ve been reading up on ab exercises that are more exciting than your basic crunch or plank and liked the moves in this Men’s Fitness article.

(4) Speaking of usually-ignored body parts, I’m also using this program from the Poliquin group for chin-ups.  I’m already seeing some progress. 🙂

(5) Legs are my favorite body part to train, and these moves from Muscle and Fitness Her’s will be making an appearance in upcoming workouts.  I think I will still rely on heavy squats and lunges for the bulk of the workout, but I like these moves as finishers.

(6) I am a big fan of drop sets, and this article from the Poliquin Group provides more info and ways to incorporate drop sets into your routine.

(7) Some great metabolism-boosting tips from Fitness RX – for me, the best advice is to avoid “dieting”.  If it isn’t something you could do for more than 2 weeks, it’s probably too extreme and not worth it.  Focus on lifestyle changes and be patient.  You don’t lose muscle by eating one big meal or skipping workout, but you can’t build it by eating one good meal and hitting the weights once either.

(8) Debunking common food myths by the Poliquin group.  Couldn’t agree more with most of the article!  I avoid all soy, but for reasons beyond the scope of the article (or this post.)

(9) Can’t wait to try this roast and pho from the Domestic Man!

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