Final day of January Meals

A final day worth of meals, and some thoughts on the experience of posting my daily meals for the whole month:

Breakfast: Eggs with bison, salsa, cabbage leaves, and bulletproof tea.


Lunch: Grilled chicken, romaine, scallions, water chestnuts, and avocado.


Dinner: Turkey burger, pickles, romaine, lacto-fermented sauerkraut, mustard, and sautéed mushrooms.


A few lessons from my January eating experiments:

(1) In order to eat similar macros/micro nutrient ratios each day, and to have enough time to cook every meal while working, working out, blogging, and occasionally even going out (!!), you sometimes (read: often) have to eat the same thing for multiple meals a week. You have to be willing to cook on the weekends, and travel around with 5 Tupperware containers a day. For many, this is beyond what is necessary to achieve your goals, but once you get into the groove and discover meals you love, it is actually quite doable. Figure out what works, and stick to it. This coming month, I’ll offer some easy on the go places to order from or snacks to being along with you for long days.

(2) Overall, it was interesting cutting out fruit and keeping my carbs at ~30g/day for 6 days a week. But, as someone who works out a ton and loves raspberries, I don’t think I will continue this long term. 50g/carbs per day, with a Saturday higher-carb day fits my needs better. But, it’s always worth experimenting to see what works.

(3) Soups taste better on day 3-4. 🙂 if you make 2 meals a week, save the soup for the second rotation.

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