1/26 – 1/30/2014 Meals

This week has been a whirlwind – I rarely make week night plans so that I can keep up with my workout/work schedules, but I’ve had events 3/4 work nights so far.  Here’s a quick, belated catch-up on what I’ve eaten since Sunday.

Sunday, 1/26

Breakfast: Before my workout, I had 2 boiled eggs and a bulletproof tea (plus Natural Calm and a slew of BCAAs and L-glutatime, with which I am experimenting with new dosages/timings — for a future post).

Lunch was Barbuto brunch.  Barbuto actually offers many delicious options for brunch that pretty much fall squarely within my eating regiment.  My best friend and I split a frittata — filled with chorizo, acorn squash, onions, and mozzerella cheese (yea, yea, not technically in the rules, but it gives me no trouble) — and a plate of the roast chicken. I think this is hands down the best roasted chicken I’ve ever eaten — definitely worth a trip if you are in NYC.  I’ve tried it dozens of times, and it is always perfectly cooked and seasoned.  Finally, there were some brussels sprouts with orange zest (delicious! and recreated for this week’s lunches) and a mint tea (ok, a lot of mint teas) on the side.





If you are not a stickler for the rules like me, there are plenty of other non-paleo menu items, like this delicious-looking egg pizza my other friends shared:


After such a big brunch, dinner was just a half bowl of my chicken and shrimp stew.  I was still full at 8!

Monday, 1/27/2014

Breakfast: I started the week with a tough workout and a big breakfast. 🙂 I had 2 eggs, a chicken sausage, lacto-fermented sauerkraut, bulletproof tea, and my Natural Calm “cocktail.”


Lunch was leftover green pozole I had in the freezer from last week, with romaine, chives, jalapeno, and a side of 1 oz hazelnuts/pecans, cauliflower and broccoli.  I like to put everything into the pozole sauce and eat it together, as pictured below.



Dinner was a little tough — most restaurants have something I will eat, but there weren’t a lot of options at the Barking Dog.  This salad originally came with dressing and gorgonzola, which I asked be withheld, and I ate around the tomatos and sprouts, but I made it work.  The avocado and chicken were a great way to finish out the day over a very interesting dinner with new people.  🙂


Tuesday, 1/28/2014

Breakfast (in very low quality photography) was just 2 eggs with a bit of lacto-fermented sauerkraut and a bulletproof tea.


Lunch was roasted chicken I made over the weekend (I seared the chicken in a hot pan first, then baked at 400 in the oven), roasted broccoli (1 tsp macadamia oil, salt, pepper), and roasted brussels sprouts (1 tsp oil, salt, pepper, garlic, and orange zest).  I actually made all three components in the oven at the same time — super easy!  I put a little more of the lacto-fermented sauerkraut on the side of the chicken – plenty of great probiotics.


Dinner was not my most creative meal — I decided on eggs (with sauerkraut and chicken sausage) for a second time in one day*** to make life easier.  My shipment from US Wellness Meats arrived and needed to be sorted/put up, and the State of the Union was on, so I wanted to minimize my workload for the evening.


***Am I worried about cholesterol, you might ask?  Absolutely not.  My cage-free, high-omega-3 eggs are anti-inflammatory and super vitamin/mineral rich, and I’ve consumed 2-4 a day for years.  My cholesterol levels are “near perfect” according to my doctor — low LDL, high HDL, good overall number, great particle size.  And for those who assume it is all genetics – I have family members who suffer from high LDL/overall cholesterol.  Bottom line: eating cholesterol does not translate into high cholesterol.


All of this easy cooking + getting into PJs early meant being able to watch the State of the Union and still get to bed on time for an early Wednesday morning hamstring/glute workout.



Wednesday, 1/29/2014

Breakfast before heavy legs was 4 oz of my buffalo chorizo from US Wellness Meats, 2 eggs, tomatillo salsa, and a bulletproof tea.  I used cabbage leaves as wraps for the eggs.



Lunch was my last green pozole.  I added avocado and radishes this time, in addition to my usual sides.














Dinner did not go quite as planned – I went to the Rangers-Islanders outdoor hockey event (SO SO SO very cold), which really did not offer a lot of Marissa-friendly options.  I came prepared with 1 oz of sprouted pecans and several sticks of my US Wellness Meats spicy beef jerky sticks.  But, this was less food than I would normally eat for dinner, even if the calories were right because of the pecans.




Thursday, 1/30/2014

Breakfast was leeks, 4 oz buffalo chorizo, 2 eggs, and a bulletproof tea.


Lunch was my leftover chicken, broccoli, brussels sprouts, some romaine/salsa, and a 1/2 avocado.


Not Pictured – Snack — I rarely eat outside of my three meals a day, except for my daily water/hemp protein shake during my workout.  Today, though, the hunger got to me, and I had some pistachios in between meetings.

Dinner – I went to my friend’s farewell from Skadden party tonight [:( ], where I had a few lamb/chicken skewers, and hurried home and quickly baked shrimp in the oven (so hungry for some reason).  I dipped them in 2 T egg whites and a mixture of 3 T almond flour, salt, pepper, garlic, paprika.  Then I cooked them on 375 for 10 min.


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