What I Read This Week

This week, I read way more about the currency exchange markets than I did about fitness, so not a lot of links…


(1) I love new gear, and especially the Balega socks and Ortholite insoles suggested by Runner’s World.

(2) Mark Sisson gives a lot of great reasons to incorporate sprints into your training, regardless of whether you’re a runner, in his post titled 15 Reasons to Sprint More This Year — here are a few options for sprint workouts if you’re just getting into things.

(3)  FitnessRX provides a few reasons why you might want to perform your morning cardio on an empty stomach.  I never do because my endocrinologist has a strict eat-within-30-min-of-waking rule, but it might work for others.

Other Workouts:

(1) I love these challenges — and especially this push-up challenge which took me 1:41 the first time — from T Nation.  I’m on a quest to get to 8 unassisted pullups by my birthday, so I’m adding in lots of pushup and pullup variations. 🙂

(2) I’ll also be incorporating some interesting leg press variations from T Nation and push-up variations from FitnessRX in upcoming workouts.

(3) I’ll also be trying out these approaches to muscle fatigue in upcoming workouts – I think it is important to push the muscles when they’re tired without overdoing it and leaving yourself crippled by soreness for days.  These ideas provide a nice way to push without going over the breaking point.


(1) A good read on sleep/light exposure from Dr. Mercola.

(2) I think this article on potential overtraining is a great read for people like me who tend to spend a lot of time in the gym.  I toe a very fine line between pushing to absolute 100% and actually letting my body recover.  I am blessed with a lot of endurance (and willpower to push through pain), but that comes with the downside of often not being willing to accept my need for rest and recovery.  I’ve been thinking a lot about why I workout the way I do, and the truth is that it’s about 50%-50% split between the desire to be stronger/leaner/tougher/etc. and between the need to release my mental frustration/anger/extra energy/etc.  The second 50% often makes it tough to decide to take a day off — because the mental/emotional/whatever you want to call it release is more important than being able to squat that extra 10 lbs or run an extra .2 mph faster on my sprints. Very interesting food for thought as I try to take better care of myself in 2014.  🙂

(3) Some great tips from Mark Sisson on how to increase back flexibility – super important for those of us with desk jobs!


Only 2 this week – chicken from Bon Appetit that only needs one substitution (more broth instead of the wine), and thai curry chicken from the Domestic Man — one of my favorite recipe bloggers who is coming out with a cookbook next month.


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