1/16- 1/18 Meals

I got staffed on a few new cases in my real life as a lawyer, so I barely had enough time to make the healthy meals and work my butt off in the gym – so here are my delayed meals for the past few days!

In other news, I went back to the endocrinologist on Friday morning for more blood/saliva testing (12 vials to be exact!).  We’re testing cortisol, other hormones, and inflammatory markers to compare to the tests I did at the end of August last year.  In August, my cholesterol and blood pressure were “perfect” but everything else was all over the map.  Given my (continued) erratic sleep patterns and the fact that I still need a slew of all-natural supplements to fall asleep, I’m worried that my levels are still pretty out of whack, but I am hoping that all of my diligent attempts to sleep are at least moving things in the right direction.  🙂

Thursday, 1/16/2014:

Breakfast: Thursday morning was hamstring day, but I was up late working, so I had to eat breakfast after at Whole Foods.  3 eggs with Himalayan pink salt (love these convenient Onnit packets!) and 1 Italian sausage; Allegro tea.


Lunch: Leftover stuffed chicken breast with brussel sprouts and another Numi tea


Dinner:  I did a second workout Thursday night (which I’ll post later today), so I had a big dinner of Texas smoked ribs and trimmed brisket (so much meat, but I needed more calories!), with homemade pickles and sliced raw onions.


Friday, 1/17/2014

Breakfast: I had to be fasting for Friday morning’s tests, so I ate a late breakfast of 2 boiled eggs and a Numi tea with alcohol-free Vanilla and lots of cinnamon.  (Smaller than normal because I took Friday off from working out).

photo 1(7)

Lunch: My last serving of my Thai soup.


Dinner:  Because I had some work to finish up, I opted for leftovers again: taco meat with avocado, romaine, and hot sauce.


Saturday, 1/18/2014: This was foray #2 into my higher carb cycle experiment.  I have to admit – while sweet potatoes make me nervous because of their higher sugar content, they are pretty darn delicious. 🙂  I stuck to my same methodology as beforeparboiling to reduce the glycemic index load, and adding fat to boost the beta-carotene.  I’m sticking with the sweet potato for higher carb days because everything I’ve read also touts their anti-inflammatory properties, and some studies even suggest that they can help regulate insulin despite their higher carb load.

Breakfast: (1) Shake made from 1/2 banana, a thin slice of pineapple, 1 c almond milk, splash of La Croix water, cinnamon and 5 ice cubes; (2) 3 eggs (made with little chili peppers from Texas smashed with water); (3) some brazil nuts (my endocrinologist wants me to increase my selenium uptake, and 2 brazil nuts have the entire recommended daily value); and (4) a bulletproof tea.  I made the shake in this super-affordable single-serve blender – it doesn’t have the most power in the world, but it gets the job done and is easy to clean up (win-win).




Lunch: I ate pretty quickly after a really long, hard leg day that featured heavy weight pyramids to start and finished with a boat load of plyo and 6x6x6 sprints.  I needed to get proteins and a bit of carbs in within 30 minutes, so I went for an already prepped meal, which featured the other 1/2 of my banana and pastured pork, smoked back when I was in Texas.  This pork shoulder from Grazin Angus Acres was a little fatty, but I left those parts behind (not actually for health reasons, but because I don’t like the taste as much).  (And yes, it is incredible how much meat I can pack in a suitcase!)

photo 3(1)

Dinner: Finished off the night with a portobello-mushroom-bun beef burger and baked sweet potato fries.  I put my sweet potato in a 400 degree oven for 30 min, and made the burger while the sweet potato was cooking.  To make the burger, start off with a really hot pan.  Sear the leeks and the mushroom (about 3-5 min/side of the mushroom).  Once you flip the portobello, add your burger (I seasoned mine with chives, garlic, salt and pepper).  And sear for 2-3 min per side.  Serve the burger on top of the mushroom and charred leeks (with some raw onion if you want to get a little more crunch).  I put some romaine, 1/4 avocado and pickles (and a huge heap of mustard – I am a mustard fanatic) on the side of my burger.




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