Workout 28: (Delayed) Bodyweight Workout

I’m catching up on workouts that I haven’t posted — beginning with my last workout in Texas, done a few hours before leaving for the airport in my parent’s backyard.

When I’m traveling, I am usually lucky enough to have access to a gym.  But, when I am short on time or can’t make it to the gym, I make sure to have a jump rope and resistance bands in my bag so I can still workout.  I use these (which offer heavier resistance) as well as a lateral resistor set by SKLZ, which provides some resistance while still allowing for a wide range of motion:


My bodyweight workouts throughout my 2 weeks home were all pretty similar (and took about 30-45 min depending on what variations I included) and went something like this:

5 rounds of:

(1) 250 “jumps” with a jump rope

(2) 50 jump squats on a step with lateral resistor bands



(3) 25 lunges/leg with lateral resistors (you can add a kickback at the end for an extra challenge)



(4) 25/leg side lunges with lateral resistors:


(5) 25 Planks with Leg In-and-outs (with lateral resistor): Okay, this is admittedly the worst name for an exercise ever. 🙂 But the idea is inherent in the description.  Hold a plank with your arms on a step (or the floor).  Start with your feet together.  Hop your feet out about 2 feet apart from each other, where you can feel some resistance on the bands.  Return back to the start position.



(6) 25/leg lateral step backs with SPRI resistance band:  Start with your knees slightly bent.  Step back with your left foot about 2 feet behind you and a foot to the left.  Return to the start position, and step back with your right foot, about 2 feet behind you and a foot to the right.  Repeat for 25 reps/side.


(7) 25/leg side steps with squat (with SPRI resistance band): Start with your knees slightly bent. Step your left foot about 1-2 feet to the left, drop into a squat, and return to the start position.  Repeat on the right side.


(8) 20 Clapping Pushups: Drop into a regular pushup, and explosively lift off the floor and clap your hands together in between reps.

IMG_3989 IMG_4007

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