1/14/2014 Meals

My (losing) battle with Time Warner continues… Another delayed post due to spotty connectivity last night. 🙂

Breakfast: This has just been one of those weeks when even 8 hours of sleep feels inadequate  – so I listened to my body and slept in until 6:45 and ate after my foam rolling/inversion “practice” at Equinox yesterday morning.  So, it was breakfast at Whole Foods once again – 3 eggs (with an Onnit Himalayan pink salt), 1.5 italian sausages, Allegro chai (my favorite chai tea for sure!)  Since I had been experiencing less-than-normal-Marissa-energy levels, I threw in an Onnit 180 mixed with water (not Paleo, I know, but I’m not a purist. 😉 ).  Felt back to normal in no time.


Lunch: I brought a leftover stuffed chicken breast and paired it with steamed broccoli (cooked for 3 minutes in 1/4 c water with salt and pepper) and a romaine salad topped with 1/2 celery stalk, persian cucumber, 1 radish, chives, and a piece of avocado.  Despite being right under 500 calories, this meal felt huge, and I had to force myself to finish the broccoli (can’t pass up an anti-inflammatory food full of antioxidants!)


Dinner: After yoga, I was too tired to cook, so I ate 6 oz of grass-finished 96/4 lean ground beef I had lying around in the freezer (thanks to my wonderful Mom!), covered in a ton of romaine, cabbage, leeks/onion mix, 2 cherry tomatos, cilantro, avocado and a ton of hot sauce.


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