1/13/2014 meals

Thanks to the beauty that is Time Warner in NYC, I had no internet last night and couldn’t post anything.  Here are yesterday’s meals:

Breakfast:  In order to get an extra 30 min of sleep, I opted for breakfast at Whole Foods after my chest/back lift (where I quickly discovered that I DEFINITELY cannot bench more than 105 – something to work on in 2014).  I had 3 hard boiled eggs, 1.5 italian sausages (pork, fennel, coriander, red crushed pepper, and salt), and an Allegro Chai (with lots of extra cinnamon).


Lunch: Pork/Shrimp Thai Soup with Spinach and Mushrooms and lots of water – one of my 2014 “resolutions” is to better about getting at least 2-3 L of water per day.


Dinner: Monday is my hardest workout day – I lift for back and chest in the morning, and then do Gregg Cook’s Terracycle and Shockwave classes at Equinox-Rock Center at night.  Yesterday wasn’t my best performance – my rowing times and max watts/mph were low compared to my average – and my legs completely ran out of gas.  Lesson learned: I need to follow my own advice and rest, recover, and sleep more.



I also needed to replenish pretty quickly after these back-to-back workouts with a high protein meal.  This does not mean I thought (a) I actually burned 700 calories in Gregg’s cycle class – according to my heart rate monitor, it was closer to 585, or (b) that burning x number of calories entitles me to eat differently than normal.  But, I tend to increase the amount I eat on harder workout days by ~ 500 calories compared to the average day, and decrease by ~ 200 calories on rest days.

So, I made my version of a Philly cheesesteak (minus the cheese and the bun): 8 oz of grass fed/finished beef** with caramelized onions, red bell peppers, 3 mushrooms, and 1 clove garlic,  I sautéed the sliced vegetables first, then added the garlic and cooked for 1 more minute, then added the beef and cooked for about 3 minutes.  While I was waiting for the food to cook, I had 1 oz of sprouted pecans.


** I love Strauss Grass-fed/Grass-finished beef, which I always stock up on when I go back to Houston.  They may start carrying Strauss products at Fairway, which would make me super excited. 🙂


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