1/5/2014 Meals

I cooked chili and chicken for this week’s lunches, and kept it simple for today’s meals to give myself as much free time as possible on my last day of vacation:

Breakfast: 10 oz 99% lean ground turkey breast (cooked with pink salt, pepper, fennel seeds, celery seed, and garlic), 2 eggs, a green juice (same concoction as yesterday), and bulletproof Numi tea.


Lunch:  8 oz wild sea bass seasoned with salt and pepper (seared in a hot Scanpan with no oil/butter added), 1 c mixed mushrooms (same cooking method), frisee, romaine, scallions, celery, and a few cucumber slices.  I’ve never been a real salad dressing girl, but I do love a little Jane’s Krazy Salt on my salad.


Dinner: 6 oz pastured pork loin, cut into cubes, with onions and tomatillo salsa and cumin.  (Same as this recipe, but with pork instead of chicken breast. Because I let the onions carmelize with a pinch of baking soda for longer, the color became a darker, redder color, but everything was the same.)


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