Workout # 26: Today’s Back Workout

Today’s back workout was a quick repeater of a lift designed by my sister while I was at home.  I started with another day of 6X6X6 sprints, then moved onto:

  • 5 rounds of supersets of 10X T-bar rows, 10X cable pulls, 50X kettlebell swings
  • 5 rounds of supersets of 12X machine rows, 12 X lat pulldowns
  • 4 rounds of supersets of 10X barbell rows, 10/arm X dumbbell rows
  • 5 X 12 of crossed cable flys
  • 3 X 10 of straight arm pulldowns

T-bar rows/Cable Rows/Swings Superset: Complete all 3 moves without rest, then rest for 1 minute between rounds.  Repeat for 5 rounds.

T-bar Rows: We started with T-bar Rows @105 lbs.  Stand with your feet straddling the T-bar, and bend over slightly at the waist.  Using the v-attachment (and therefore, using a narrow grip), bring the weight in toward the bottom of your ribs.  Lower and repeat for 10 reps.



Cable Rows: Immediately move to cable rows.  Using a rope attachment on the cable machine, stand about 5 feet away from the machine with knees bent.  Pull out and bring the ropes toward either side of your body.  Release the weight and repeat for 10 reps.



Swings: Finish with 50 kettlebell swings @ 16kg.  Holding the kettlebell in both hands in a wide squat position, bend forward and pull the kettlebell behind you between your legs.  Using your hips for power, push forward and swing up until the bell up to shoulder height.  Repeat for 50 reps.



Machine Rows/Lat Pulldowns Supersets: Complete both moves without rest, then rest for 10-15 sec before starting the next round.  Repeat for 5 rounds.

Machine Rows @ 80lbs: Each machine is different, so pick a weight that makes 12 reps very challenging.  Start by extending all the way forward with your knees slightly bent, then drive the weight back toward the bottom of your ribs.  At the end of the movement, you should be leaning slightly back, but with no arch in your back.





Lat Pulldown @70lbs: Hold the bar at the widest point where the handle is still straight.  Use a 3 count pulldown, pausing in the center for one count before lowering the weight in front of your body toward your clavicle.





Barbell Rows/Dumbbell Rows: Perform both moves without rest, and repeat for 4 rounds.  Rest 30 sec between rounds.

Barbell Rows:  We used 4 hand grips — one for each round: knuckles facing forward on both hands, facing back on both hands, and alternating with one hand forward, one hand back.  Start with feet hip width apart, knees bent, and bending over at the waist.  Bring the barbell in toward the bottom of your ribs/waist, hold for a beat, and lower.  Repeat for 10 reps.




One-arm dumbbell rows @ 30lbs: Immediately move on to one-arm dumbbell rows.  Stand to the side of a bench with one knee bent on the bench and the same arm bracing your upper body on the bench.  The other leg should be straight and on the floor.  Start with the weight below the shoulder of your working arm, and drive the weight up toward your side bottom ribs, with your elbow pointing up.  Repeat for 10 reps per arm.



Crossed Cable Flys: My sister showed me a new move, which we did for 5X12 sets.  Start with your arms crossed in front of you, holding a cable attachment in each hand.  Pull out until your arms are extended out to your sides in the shape of a T.  Repeat for 12 reps, rest for 30 sec-1 min (however long it takes a partner to complete the moves), and repeat for 5 total rounds.



Straight Bar Pulldowns: Use the straight bar attachment on a cable machine.  Stand about 2-3 feet away from the machine, with arms extended out slightly above your shoulders.  Keeping your arms as straight as possible, pull down until the bar reaches your mid-thighs.  Repeat for 10 reps, and rest (for the time it takes your partner to complete the move).  Repeat for 3 rounds.



If you’re not doing treadmill sprints, finish it off with HIIT cardio on the stairs (10 rounds of 30 sec on with as many steps as possible per min /30 sec off @ 60 steps per minute.)

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