1/2/2014 Meals

Today’s meals were really simple because I (a) spent 2.5 hours in the gym since I didn’t have to work (!!!) and (b) was still unpacking and organizing the apartment after two weeks of being away.

Breakfast: 3 oz. pastured pork, 1 clove garlic, 2 cage free eggs (yolks definitely not as yellow-orange as the ones from Grazin Angus Acres – can’t wait to get back to the Farmer’s Market), 1/4 c scallions, lacto-fermented jalapenos (homemade), and 1/6 avocado.  Bulletproof Numi tea on the side.


Lunch: 8 oz 96/4 Grass-finished ground beef (with onions, tomatos, garlic, and cumin), 1/6 avocado, lots of organic hot sauce.


<<Insert super long crazy hard workout to be posted tomorrow>>

Dinner:  6 oz trimmed brisket (smoked by super amazing Dad!), 2 (homemade) lacto-fermented garlic pickles, yellow onion slices, 10 mushrooms (seared on this Cuisinart griddler/grill).


I made sure to get 4 liters of water in since it’s so cold (aka, dehydrating) in NYC right now.  Simple, but very low-carb per the new protocol and still insanely delicious.

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