Workout #19: Shoulders and HIIT cardio

Another super-delayed post from Texas:

Jessica and I got in a great shoulder workout, complete with an altogether crippling set of HIIT intervals to finish it out.

We did 5 rounds each of:

  • 5 X Push press @ 60 lbs, 10 X seated press @ 25lbs (I wimped out and dropped to 20 lbs halfway through b/c her gym didn’t have 22.5’s), 10 X Lateral raises @ 15lbs, 10 X front raises @ 15 lbs

photo 1(13)

photo 2(18)


photo 3(10)

  • 5 X Upright Rows @ 60 lbs, 10 X seated reverse delt raises @ 15lbs, 10 X arm circles @ 7.5lbs (bringing the weights in a circular motion from your sides to touch above your head – pictured below), 10 X reverse raises @ 15 lbs

photo 4

photo 5(1)

photo 2(17) photo 1(14)

  • Cable circuit of front raises, lateral raises, and titled lateral raises.

photo 1(15) photo(3) photo 2(19) photo 3(11)

We finished the lift with HIIT cardio.  We did 11 rounds of 1 min on, 1 min off (60 steps/min) intervals on the stepmill.  I did 3 rounds at 125 steps/min, 3 rounds at 130 steps/min, 2 rounds at 135 steps/min, 2 rounds at 140 steps/min, and 1 round at 150 steps/min.  I added in an extra 2 30 sec pushes at 160 steps/min and 175 steps/min.

Then, I finished with 5 X 150 meter sprints on the erg (and 45 min worth of stretching) while my sister ran off to train one of her clients.  🙂

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