Workout #18 – Partner Leg Workout

My sister is definitely my favorite workout partner – we push each other to try new things and motivate each other to optimize form.  (It helps that she is a personal trainer and focuses on fitness and nutrition full time.)  While I was in Texas, my sister was awesome enough to get me into her gym and showed me a few new leg moves for glutes/hamstrings.

We did:

(1) Wide Leg Squats: 10 @45lbs, 65lbs, 95lbs; 8 @115lbs and 135lbs; and 6 @155lbs, then back up the ladder.  Place your feet wider than hip distance and try to lower into a deeper squat.

IMG_2568 IMG_2569

(2) Leg-Press – sets of 10-12 with increasing weight – we started with 3 x 45lb plates per side and worked our way up to 4 plates.  We added plies with raised toes into the sets – while one person pressed, the other squatted.

(3) Smith Machine Glute Kickbacks – 5 sets of 10/leg @155-175lbs.  (We added Bulgarian split leg squats to the set – while one person did kickbacks, the other person did split squats and vise-versa).

Drop the bar down to one of the lower settings on the Smith Machine.  Position yourself on all fours, with your knees about a foot in front on the bar.  Place one foot on the bar and kick up and back.  Lower to the starting position and repeat for 10-12 reps before switching sides.

IMG_2580 IMG_2585

(4) Smith Machine Lying Squats (5 sets of 12 @ 175lbs+) –  Lay on your back and place both feet on the bar.  Lower the weight until your knees come into your chest, and repeat.

IMG_2604 IMG_2605

(5) Jessica’s Glute/Outer Thigh Abduction Exercise – (3 sets of 10-12) Using the Hip Abduction Machine, grip the sides of the machine and raise yourself about 3 inches off of the seat.  Push your thighs out and in.


(6) Weighted Calve Raises – Alternate with your partner for 10 sets of 10-12 raises.  We did 5 sets with 45lbs and 5 sets with 55 lbs.  Lesson of the workout: I do not do enough calve raises.  My calves were burning!


(7) Walking Lunges – Holding 25 lb plates in each hand, perform walking lunges down a long hallway (about 40 lunges).


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