Workout 15: Shoulders

I injured my right shoulder/upper back late this summer — from, of course, overworking.  :/ I was so excited to finally learn to swim that I ramped up my miles/week too quickly.  Lesson learned — my first rib was raised and my levator and scalenes were super tight, making overhead movements far less than pleasant.  After several months of rotator cuff and external rotation exercises, I am finally getting back into the swing (ha, bad kettlebell pun) of things for my shoulder lifts.

This morning’s lift was:

*Hold the kettlebell in one hand with feet shoulder distance apart, arm by your side, and palm facing in toward your leg. Extend the palm of the hand holding the kettlebell below your knee, and “crunch” back up.

I finished with some of my PT moves with a 10 lb set of dumbbells – I’ll post pictures in a separate post, 3 X 500m row on the erg, and lots of stretching.

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