Workout #8: Lunge Variations and BOSU

I’m still slightly feeling Saturday’s leg day in the hamstrings on Monday morning (a sign of good work!).  This week, we focused on slight variations to the standard moves to target hips and outer thighs.

Part 1: 5 rounds of Diagonal Lunges

Start with your front leg in the normal lunge position, but extend your other leg back and diagonally away from the front foot.  Lower into a lunge, and repeat for 5 reps per side.  I had to drop the weight by ~20 lbs compared to a normal lunge to get full range of motion.

image  image image

Part 2: 5 rounds of Deadlifts (not pictured) and BOSU balance work.  The next part of the workout focused on hamstrings and balance.

Begin with 10 deadlifts with a medium-heavy weight (I used 95lbs), then do 25 BOSU squats, 10 front kicks, 10 side kicks, and 10 bent-leg reverse raises. (Repeat 4 more times, with about 30 sec – 1 min rest between sets).

BOSU Squats: start from an upright position and lower into a full squat on the BOSU, blue side down, for 25 reps.

image image

BOSU Front Kicks:


BOSU Side Kicks:

image image image

BOSU bent-leg reverse raises: Bend one leg and turn the foot out, so the bent knee rests right behind your straight knee.  Raise the bent leg 90 degrees, lower, and repeat.


Part 3: 5 rounds of Leg Press –  On the leg press machine, start with a heavy weight (I used 360 lbs) for 2 rounds of 5 reps, with about 15-30 sec rest between sets.  Drop the weight in half, and do 2 rounds of 10 reps and 1 round of 20 reps, again with only 15-30 sec rest between sets.

Part 4: “Cardio”  – Instead of doing traditional cardio, we got our heart rate up by doing 5 rounds of 5 kettlebell swings (20kg) and 10 ball slams (12 lb) with no rest, as fast as possible.  It should take between 3-5 minutes, depending on your fitness level.


image image

Slams: Make sure to drop down into a full squat at the bottom, and to raise your arms overhead to get your abs working when you slam the ball down.

image image  image

And of course, foam rolling and stretching after!

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