Another Easy Dinner and Workout. . .

Today was awesome – I got in a good run in the morning, had a very productive (and fun) day at work, and still got home by 7 p.m.  Can’t ask for more than that.  Except that my night turned out even better.  🙂

First, I got to come home and eat brisket from Texas.  This post is a little unfair as an “easy dinner” option, since not all readers have the most amazing parents ever who smoke briskets and freeze the meat in 2-serving-size, vacuum-sealed, dated containers that keep in the freezer for over a year.  I cannot thank my parents enough for always stocking my suitcase with food and goodies every time I come home to Texas.  I’m unbelievably spoiled and lucky!


However, this trick is easily replicated even with city cooking.  All you need is a FoodSaver.  While $70 may seem a little pricey, the FoodSaver will actually pay for itself by helping you preserve food instead of letting it go bad.  First, the FoodSaver helps keep frozen meats/fish/vegetables fresh for way longer — allowing you to buy in bulk at better prices and save for later without worrying about the food tasting old.  Second, the FoodSaver saves you time.  I have made taco meat, chili, whole pork tenderloin, braised pork/beef, and/or a whole roasted chicken in bulk, and then froze single-serving portions in vacuum sealed containers for later.  The food tastes amazingly fresh even after months and makes a perfect easy lunch or dinner when you’re out of time or energy.  Finally, you can use the FoodSaver for leftovers that you don’t think you will be able to eat – after my holiday parties, I’m sometimes left with way too much food for one person to eat through in a few days (though to be honest, between myself and friends who come around looking for seconds, it’s rare!).  I also have had instances where I cook for the week and then unexpectedly end up away from home for dinner for several nights.  Vacuum sealing with the FoodSaver lets you keep the food fresh for longer.

Brisket is an awesome thing to have lying around on a night when you don’t feel like cooking.  I threw baby leeks, homemade pickles (recipe later tonight), “Caveman Bob’s” barbeque sauce (completely sugar-free, sweetened with apples, but the mustard in it does have a tiny amount of wine), and homemade sriracha on the side of my beef.



To top off the night, my 36-lb Onnit “primal” bell came in the mail today!


I think it matches with the decor nicely:


All kidding aside, I am so happy it came in today!  I did 5 sets of 10 of swings, goblet squats, and wide leg deadlifts while watching Person of Interest (my guilty pleasure show of choice).  Having weights and a BOSU in the apartment makes it much easier to get a few extra reps in when I have extra time at night.  Committing to lift while I watch t.v. also significantly cuts down my t.v. watching time!

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