Workout #7 – Legs legs legs

Today’s post was going to be awesome photos of duck and eggplant from the Farmer’s Market that I made for one of my best friends for dinner, but I somehow stuck my SD card into the CD Rom slot on my computer — which is apparently not a fixable mistake.  I see no way to get it out, so the photos are gone forever.  I’ll recreate them tomorrow and post.  😦

On to a (sad, photoless) workout… Saturdays are LEG days (my favorite).

Today I was on my own, and I did a lot of leg press.  I started with 5 rounds of:

(1) 10 Leg press with 4 45-lb plates on each side
(2) BOSU kicks (30 to the side, 10 back, 10 front)

(Video to come tomorrow – my technological ineptitude continues, and its past my bedtime)

(3) 10 Goblet squats, 20kg kettlebell
(4) 10 Swings, 20kg kettlebell

I then dropped the weight to 2 45lb plates on each side, and continued with 3 rounds of:

(1) 10 leg press
(2) 2 minutes of jump rope(3) BOSU kicks (30 to the side, 10 back, 10 front)

I finished out with 1 fatigue set on the leg press with 1 45lb plate on each side (for me, 47 reps), and then knocked out a quick 5 rounds/10 reps of deadlifts.

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