Workout #3: Nalini Method

A blog about my fitness routine would not be complete without a post on Rupa Mehta / Nalini Method.  I was lucky enough to stumble upon her studio through a Gilt City coupon (and it turns out we share some fitness friends in common!), and she quickly became a staple in my routine.   Her class combines concepts from yoga, pilates, barre work, and strength training, and has drastically improved my muscle balance.

From all the heavy weight work and interval training that I do, my big muscle groups (think quads, biceps, hamstrings, etc) are pretty strong.  Unfortunately, they like to take over when I’m working out, which has left some weakness in my smaller muscles (like the iliac crest and psoas in my hip or the levator and scalenes in my upper back — I’ll post more on this and my PT later).  By focusing on slow and controlled movements that hit these muscles in her class, I have achieved much better balance and improved strength.

If you’re in NYC (sorry everyone else!), here’s why you should check her out too:

(1) She. is. awesome.  No other way to say it – her energy is incredible, and she makes even the most unbearable critiques (heels higher, Marissa.  elbows steadier, Marissa) seem motivational instead of critical.  Let me tell you, that motivation is necessary when your heels want to inch closer to the floor at 7:10 on a Thursday morning. . .

(2) Those small adjustments make a huge difference.  Every instruction she gives is meticulously crafted to get you into the best form — i.e., to increase the burn for each and every rep.  I swear my arms get noticeably more jacked and my abs get more cut after every session.  This is in no small part attributable to her focus on proper technique.

(3) Her class focuses on “little” movements – she often instructs that if you’re moving too much, you’re not doing it right.  And unlike the 987978 other workouts I will post here, the class doesn’t use heavy weights.  (This is one reason men scoff at this type of workout – but I love to see them attempt her class, because their legs are shaking and they’re dropping out of plank holds faster than all the ladies.)  Because its different, it hits my muscles in a new way and improves my fitness.

My face here says it all, haha.

Hope to see you in class with her sometime soon!  I truly cannot offer a higher recommendation for such an amazing fitness professional.

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