Workout #2: Put Your Back Into It.

My “photographer” had to make it to an early meeting this morning, so sadly, this post does not include demonstrations.  (I promise more photos this weekend).  Today I was short on time, so the lift was quick but tough.  I used supersets to minimize rest time so I could get out of the gym more quickly.

3 Supersets of Back and Shoulder 5-10-20’s:

5 barbell rows (#80lbs)
10 dumbell rows (#25lbs in each hand)
20 reverse flys (#10 lbs in each hand – and I hate to admit it but this was BRUTAL)

[followed immediately by]

5 shoulder press (#80 lbs – but I “cheated” by doing a push press)
10 upright rows (#25lbs in each hand)
20 lateral raises (#10 lbs in each hand)

In between each superset, I did 20 reverse incline crunches.

I finished out the workout with 3 rounds of 14 kettlebell snatches/arm (12kg), 25/leg BOSU mountain climbers, 10 sec hold/side of BOSU side plank, and 25 BOSU crunches.
Nothing too fancy, but it got the job done in under 30 minutes.

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